Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Ornaments from Fir Cones and Melted Crayons

The other day we spontaneously made our first (for this year) hand-made ornaments. My daughter found an old piece of jumbo toddle crayons and asked me if we need this anymore (she didn't like her teeth marks on it very much : ). These turned out really pretty (prettier than in the pictures). They are also a fun activity for kids. It is also very good for developing fine motor skills. And they can are a perfect hand-made gift.

What you need:

  • a fir cone
  • a candle
  • red crayon (any color would do but red is the most Christmasy :) )
  • pack-thread (or any other thread this is just my all-time favorite for crafting)
  • a lot of patience 

At first we tried to cover the whole cone (which is a very tiring job, and not as effective) then some melted crayon drops fell on it and it looked great.

So the best way to do it is to heat the crayon really quickly and touch it to the top part of a scale so a single drop forms a bead.  Then do it to each of the scales.
When it cools tie the thread. 

It's a slow job but the result looks great. Kids will need to exercise their patience to finish it or otherwise improvise as my daughter did, trying the look of melted crayon on different textures how the light of the candle changes the colors of things...

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