Friday, February 7, 2014

Printing pdf tricks and tips

As teachers we often need to print pages and sometimes a lot.

There are times, especially with younger children, when we have a whole sheet which they use in a minute and sometimes even in seconds. (I have a student who doesn't like coloring but insists on having coloring sheets as everybody else and last time they had an ABC coloring page, he did it in 10 seconds flat, just scribbling a couple of colors on. I have no problem with him working like that but a lot of times I really grieve over all this paper. So is there a solution to using so much paper?

Here's an idea and some other printing tips you may find useful, especially if you haven't figure them out yourself.

 I. Print smaller worksheets.

 In the printing dialogue box - choose the option multiple pages and chose the settings that work for you. (2 per page, 4 per page, etc). I have a set of ABC coloring pages that my kids enjoy better in their smaller 4 pages per sheet version. They look cuter and are so much easier and faster for them to color.

I knew that you can choose and print a range of pages e.g. 3-16 will print just pages 3 through 16.  But a trick that I recently found out and was sure that everybody but me knew (it turned out nobody I asked did - so I decide it's nice to share it) saved me a lot of trouble when I want to

 print THE SAME page multiple times on one sheet of paper.

Just type in the number of that pages as many times as you need it. This is how it looks if you need, let's say, four pages per sheet of page #11.

II. Print just a section of a page.

To do this you need to to take a snapshot of the area you want to print and then choose the print option. 

III. Print a booklet.
This is my all time favorite printing option. You can turn into a small book any pdf file you have. The only thing you have to bear in mind is the cover.
If the file is not designed to be printed as a booklet (ie has a blank page as a second and a blank as one before last) you can print all pages but the cover (front and back if there is one) as a booklet and then print the covers separately and assemble your book.
Here's a link to a post how to assemble a booklet.

Hope this can be useful! Share in a comment if you have more printing ideas or tips?

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