Tuesday, March 25, 2014

P is for Pencil + a free printable letter flags

Lately we are using a lot of sorting games with my letter learners. I've created some cards and mats for sorting each with a different theme according to the letter. They are similar to my A is for Apple sorting FREEBIE (you can find the link at the bottom of the post) and will be available very soon at out TpT Store.
These are really fun and I use them a lot, especially when there is not enough preparation time for a game with real-life objects and they are so helpful with the letter recognition. However, I always prefer the later and I use the cards as a quick review or after we've done a game with objects.

The ABC sorting idea I want to share today is "P is for pencil"one. 

It's one of the easiest to set up since pencils are widely available at school.

All you need:
-are some pencils 
-print the freebie (or cut strips of paper and write letters on them)
-cups/boxes/pencil cases (would work great if you have more than one available)

Prepare the pencils. The idea is that there are three types 'P' (capital P), 'p'(small p) and 'no P' pencils.
After they are ready the fun part begins.

You have a lot of options how to proceed. The simplest of all is just to put all the pencils on the table/floor and let the kids sort them.
However, I always prefer to present the kinds with the sorting material through a game or to use the element of surprise and suspense.

This time I put the pencils in a box. (We have a mystery box which I use to present new vocabulary or for games). After singing the Mystery box song and guessing that what's in the box are indeed pencils, I set the cups in the middle and ask each child what color pencil they would like (since they are learning English as a foreign language I use this as an opportunity to practice "Can I have a (red pencil), please.) Each child asks for a specific color so they don't know what letter they would get. When they got their pencil they need to put it in the corresponding cup. They not only practice or learn P (the new letter) they also review other letters we put in the 'not P' category. 

Happy Playing!

*This post was almost ready then I had a lesson with one of my EFL preschoolers  and I just have to share a cute turn an ABC sorting game took.
So we are sorting octopi in the 'Oo' ocean and 'not Oo' ocean. They pick cards and say if they have an  'Oo' ctopus or 'not Oo' octopus when someone came with the idea of naming their 'not Oo' octopi with the letter they have. Thus we ended up with noctopus, roctopus, lctopus, actopus. This was a great, totally kid-created and performed ABC review. I was really pleased. 

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