Friday, April 25, 2014

ABC meets Science {Springing into Science BLOGHOP} W is for Worm

I love teaching the ABC and I love integrating cross curricular activities into my ABC units. So when it was decided that this months' blog hop will be a Science one I was inspired to create and share mini science units for each letters of the ABC. Most of the activities we've done already some I'll have even more motivation to create now - yeah  :)

So here it is - W is for worm.

Most of the activities are suitable for children as young as 4. I use them mainly with 5 and 6-year-olds, though the reader included may be suitable for older kids as well. The unit is designed to be a companion to the letter learning program so it is is no way comprehensive yet there are some great things you can use.

Actually take a look and decide if your kiddos can benefit from these.

The unit will be a FREEBIE for the duration of the Blog Hop ONLY.

So don't miss a chance to grab it!

So we started outside in a rainy day when we carefully walked as not to step on any worms.
Kids were fascinated to watch the worms talk about how they move and how they feel about them.
Most of the kids find them really cute, though there are always some who find worms too squiggly or slimy for their taste.

Then inside we talked about what they know or they think they know about worms. It is really amazing how cute kids are when they are absolutely sure of their "facts" and they argue with such passion.

Then I dropped the bomb that they actually have no eyes :)) and everybody became quiet.

There is a board game for letter recognition:

Two worksheets:

An emergent reader + flashcards with the sight words and the vocabulary used.

Links and ideas. Among which a fabulous version of our favorite Herman the Worm. :)

Here's the link to the freebie on TpT

Hop onto the next blog - "An Adventure in Literacy" for a lot of sunshine (yeah finally, weren't we all tired of this long winter) and a chance to win her great 

"Let the Sun Shine mini science sun unit"

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  1. This looks so cute, but I can't find a link to find it anywhere.

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    2. Sorry about that. I messed it a bit and needed to fix it!
      I think it is OK now!
      Thank you!

  2. Such a FUN unit! Thank you! :)