Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clip Art for New Seller - a HUGE, {really Cute} Pack

I'm so excited to be finally able to post this that I have been working on for months now (in my free from work time as I have no summer holiday this year :( ).
They started as a lot of small projects. Then I remember what a lot of work it is to post one product on TpT.
and I always go back and change this detail, that color...and sometimes I feel like the 'packaging' takes more time than the product itself.

So to make my life a bit easier (and I hope others' lives as well) I decided to post it as just ONE huge clip art pack.

Lie these cover? Now you can create them
with this pack.
If you are starting now with your TpT experience you may be intimidated by the variety of frames, background and clip art everyone is using.

So here's a quick option for you.

The value, is these were posted separately, is about $100. So here you are, saving more than 60%(!!!)

Here's the link!

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  1. I just purchased your bundled starter kit. I am not very techy. Do you have a getting started for dummies. I am interested in learning how to layer the page with a variety of your images to make a worksheet and cover page...Help please. Simplicity is key! lol