Friday, September 19, 2014

All about APPLES activities

I love SUMMER!
I miss SUMMER!
Sometimes I wish it was summer all year round.
But then I remember.
New School Year! :)
A cozy feeling of an autumn coat and the crunching sound of fragrant leaves.
And APPLES! One of my favorite autumn things.

So it's no surprise that I have and use a lot of apple-themed resources.
I haven't been able to share even half of them yet but I'm slowly getting around to it.

Today you will get:

•2 freebies (YES 2, I just have a lot of apples in my head :) )
•a chance to win all of the apple resources from my TpT Store. (just enter the giveaway.)

First, an idea for a simple game. It can actually be played with any ten frame but the theme we use is so much fun!

Do you know how worms do math?

I don't think I do, either :) but me and my kiddo we have decided that they must use apples. And apple seeds.

Find the link for this freebie at the end of this post.

There's a lot of counting, addition and subtraction involved.

The Letter A Sorting game - letter recognition

Then what is an apple without the letter A?
Here's a very another simple (I love simple) but useful game. It is a sorting game for the letter A - capital or small. I love sorting games as well and very soon will write about the many ways we use them to learn letters. (I have a whole alphabet of sorting games in my store.)
So here's A is for apple - but big or small?
Find the link at the end.

Check out also these apple Sight Words games

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Counting Apple See Freebie - Download

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Apple Letter Practice Pages

All Apple Resources in my Store

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