Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winter No Prep Activities for Kindergarten.

How to make worksheets more exciting? 

Short answer - turn them into hand-on activities.

(For 11 ways to make worksheets FUN! click here)

 I'm always trying to vary my the worksheets as much as possible.

Giving a spin on a familiar activity is always a plus.
For example, we may use stamps instead of dabber or simple coloring. And I was lucky to find some seasonal stamps for my winter no prep printables.

In my new set of winter print and go activities I've included a lot of fun and meaningful pages to practice a wide range of ELA and Math skills.

As my daughter is learning to read at the moment and she's doing it both in English and Bulgarian (our native tongue) I made a lot of winter reading activities. It's really exciting and I'm so proud of her.

We learnt that once you get the hack of reading, it's the same in other languages. So is rhyming.

And here's one of the cutest activities I've ever produced.

Winter Rhyming Activity. Match the mittens to the animals. (This one has been requested so often and she even asked me to make a different activity with the same characters - I think it may turn into a whole Rhymes Station. Especially if I use the color pictures and laminate them...hm - the idea is forming in my head already :) )

Warning: Cute Rhyming Activity Ahead ->

This is such a simple activity but kids really love helping the animals keep warm. :)


And this idea resulted in a full literacy rhyming station. Click the image to see it. 


On this one we used the stamps again.
This winter sight word activity includes some Math skills as well - counting, comparing. I really love incorporating different skills and making lots of cross-curricular activities.

Another way I use to vary worksheets is by using small tokens instead of writing, stamping or coloring.

Using small manipulatives to mark correct options is a great idea for so many reasons.

The counting vowels activity below was done by my daughter at least 4 times. . They do look the same. For ME they are the same. Well, for the kids, they see the world in a different way (as we know so well). So I try as much as possible to offer activities that can be contextualized in various ways.

e.g. Lay out a page and 2,3 boxes with manipulatives and ask for ideas. What do you think is happening here? And kids think up their own stories to make learning meaningful.

Or sometimes I provide the context myself. As in this one:

I also like to give my kids the responsibility for their own learning as much as possible.

 By providing choices or by giving the chance to check their own work. They feel independent this way and tend to cheat very little. 

The following activity is comparing teen numbers. Kids look at the number and decide which is the greater and then they check by putting the missing puzzle piece back into place. They can write the answer before inserting the piece, thus even if they got it wrong, it's covered and they feel good for themselves that they had the chance to learn but the mistake is not visible.

This Penguin sight words activity uses a hands-on spinner but also focuses on letters rather than whole words. This implies extra attention when completing a word.

Choose any small manipulatives you have. I love the small rubbers very much but can't always find inexpensive in a great amount so I've found a way to make thematic manipulatives / game pieces just out of cardboard. 

You can find all of these activities and more fun ones in my Winter No Prep Pack for Kindergarten in my Store. Or in a super-saving BUNDLE with ALL YEAR No Prep Packs
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