Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-School

Lego Bump Games for Valentine's Day {Cherry Workshop}

 I have always wondered what is it to have a boy at home for whom to prepare Valentine's Day activities. I'm lucky to have a girl so we can go pink and purple all the way :)

It turned out, however, that we don't have enough pink and purple square bricks to play with so we decided on red and white :) (still very Valentinish)
This post contains ideas as well as free and paid resources to make your Valentines Day Activities even lovelier! :)

❤ Valentine's Day Lego Bump

One Day we decided to mix several of our favorite things.

Bump Game


 Valentine's Day

Here's what we got :)

Lego Bump Games for Valentine's Day {Cherry Workshop}

We  played  an addition Bump from my Valentine's Day No Prep Pack, then some Alphabet one

Lego Bump Games for Valentine's Day {Cherry Workshop}

How to play BUMP
If you've never however came upon this game, this is how you play.
❤ You Need - for classic Bump:
      - 2 dice
      - about 15 of two colors unifix blocks, Lego blocks or other small counters that you can put one on top of the other.

❤ Game Play:
       -You roll the dice and cover the sum you get with your color
       -Then it's your opponent's turn, S/he rolls and covers a number.
       -If she gets a number where you've got ONE piece, she "bumps"you and remove your piece to put hers.
      -If it it a number with one of your pieces already, you put a second one and win the number. This picture is now yours and you can't be bumped from there.
      -The game continues until one of the players covers 6 of the 11 pictures and wins the game.

I am still amazed every time how small details change everything especially for kids.

 So much fun with legos flying around. I just hope I wouldn't find one with my foot in the middle of the night. Ouch! :)

Lego Bump Games for Valentine's Day {Cherry Workshop}

And here's another Valentine's day activity we did together today. 
Send out some letters according to the middle sound.

It's again part of the No Prep Valentine's Day Pack. 
If you like it, you may find the link below or just play Lego Bump with any Bump board game you've got. 

Have Fun!
Katya & Siyana
Cherry Workshop

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