Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer No Prep Pack for Kindergarten - Math, Literacy and Science Pages

Summer is nearly here and the summer holiday is almost upon us.
A lot of review is going on and we are looking for the best way to prevent the kids from the summer slide.
I've created a summer no prep pack for my students and my daughter that includes a lot of reading practice, addition and subtraction and some science pages.

I came up with the idea of including some no prep science materials in my Spring No Prep Pack and I'm going to continue this trend. I plan to update my other seasonal packs with some science pages as well in sue time.

We had a lot of fun playing Fun on the Beach. We play it as a Bump game, but this page can also be used as roll and color. We use Lego blocks but any manipulative that you have a of in two colors will work.
I'm planning on gathering two types of shells or rocks and play again with them.

My girl also wrote some numbers. The number writing pages in this pack feature tracing numbers and number words.
There are a lot more Math pages and I try to make each of them as much fun as possible - from counting fireflies and writing the number word to a lot of games and puzzles.

And there is always time for ice cream :) 

There are a lot of reading pages in the pack. From reading CVC words to Short reading comprehension paragraphs.

Read the sentence and draw whatever is missing in the picture was her the absolute favorite. 

For the full list of the pages included and a preview - click the cover below.

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