Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Apples Sight Words

Apples Sight Words Tic-Tac-Toe and a Memory  game. 

There two games are our all-time favorites. For me for they are easy to set up and I use them to teach ANYTHING. For the kids because they are both fun and not complicated. It may be grammar questions with my older kids, math facts, numbers or in this case - sight words.

What you need is:

For Tic-Tac-Toe

•a set of cards - two colors

•a simple board 3x3 squares 

and that's it, the moment you have these you are set to play, no prep required after the initial efforts.

For Memory (though I doubt this needs an explanation :) ) 

•two sets of cards - 
either the same or matching pairs - e.g. a question with an answer, a picture with the word

The advantage of playing these two games with any educational content is that kids always want to play more and more and more.

My only requirement is for them to do the task on the card .

Take turn to pick a card of your color, read the word and place it on the mat. It's so cute how kids help each other when one is not sure about the word :). I set about 10-12 cards for each color and they use them again and again. So by the time they've played 10 games they have seen the words a couple of times.

Then memory, we play in small groups and memory is even better for repetition, since they say the word every time they open a card, even if it's not a match.

These are so easy to make! If you like this particular set, though, you can find it in mt TpT Store.

Apples Sight Words Games

Have Fun!

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