Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World Passport
It's the most wonderful time of the year!...
And especially if you have not so many lessons and activities to plan.

Below you can find free and paid resources and links to Christmas Around the World videos, activities, books and more.

I am doing Christmas Around the World for the first year as a homeschool mom.

Every year up to now I've only done Christmas in the English-speaking countries as an ESL teacher.

This year I asked my kid to choose the countries she is interested in. Then search for resources and of course, I couldn't find all. So I sit down and make some myself.


Here is the Passport I made first and as I was not sure which and how  many countries we'll "visit", I made it to match any.

You only print as many pages as you need. And add the cover.

I plan to use different methods for us to complete the book - Books, Online Videos, Presentations, Reading Comprehension Passages, Research. Some of the countries we will discuss together and I will let her choose a couple and find information on her own any way she can.

Below I'll include links to useful resources we used or plan to use. I will update the list as we go.

Scroll Down for link to the free Christmas Around the World - Make my own Banner - class project.

Christmas Around the World Links

Christmas facts and stories for a lot of countrieshttp://www.whychristmas.com/adventcalendar/

Christmas Facts and Q&As - great looking Shcolastic's mini-site. Click on the picture to get more info. You may read and listen to the texts.

Christmas Advent Calendar - Open a day and get asked a question about Christmas - fun activity for group work - http://www.whychristmas.com/adventcalendar/

Relaxing music + falling snow - a great classroom background. - http://tistheseasonto.be/snowing/

A Collection of Christmas Stories - to read online or print - ONLINE BOOK

Christmas Word Search - ONLINE or PRINT Christmas word searches

Christmas Bulletin Board idea - Match the Christmas greetings to the spot on the map

Christmas Food Around the World - an infographic (scroll down when you visit the link to find it.)

Printable Cootie Catcher Random Acts of Kindness - find over at Bren Did and You Can Too

Printable Count Down to Christmas Santa - find it over at Teaching in the Tongas Store at TpT (FREE)


VIDEO  German Traditions - the story of the Nut-Cracker -  a fun video about a girl's child's dream come true. Includes German Christmas symbols
VIDEO - German Christmas Market - an old tradition
VIDEO - 5 things to do at the German Christmas market

VIDEO - Christmas tree history

VIDEO - Learn some Christmas German phrases for kids + Christmas facts

SONG - Silent Night in the original German version

SONG - the original Oh, Christmas Tree

VIDEO - La Befana in Rome - a kid talks to her mom about Christmas special days in Italy. It's cute for the kids talks in Italian and her mom is translating for the viewers.
BOOK - Legend of Old Befana

VIDEO - the legend of La Befana (shorter)

VIDEO - a short description of Christmas in Italy

BOOK - The legend of Poinsettia

BOOK - the above book as a video

VIDEO - Christmas in a Mexican family

Christmas Resources You May Find Useful:


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