Friday, November 10, 2017

Letter Practice Pages for the Whole Year

     One of the common ordeals in my classroom is a specific child having troubles with a specific letter. I always have a stack of non-thematic, generic letter practice worksheets to pull out one when I need to provide someone with additional practice with a particular letter.

    Then a couple of years ago I made letter practice worksheets for St Patrick's that I ended up using for the next 4 months when I needed  for kids really enjoy them :). When I made the Apple Set students were so excited that they recognize the format but it has different theme so I decided to create thematic ABC worksheets for the whole year.

On each page kids trace the capital and lower case letter with the help of guiding arrows. Then they trace the letters without arrows and finally write the letter in their own. There is one beginning sound picture to color and I tried to include easy to read and phonetically correct pictures. Then there is a space for the kids to draw something beginning with the sound to develop and practice their phonemic awareness. 

Different look but the same page set up allows for the pages to feel new while at the same time familiar. So kids enjoy them but are bored with them.
              As many as possible thematic pictures are included in the sets.

The bundle is coming soon. I plan to post it as a growing one together with the Snow Pack. It will have a special price until fully grown :) - and also the moment it is posted it will be 1/2 price (of the special one) so if you would like to grab it at an amazing price and have a year long letter practice at your hands, don't forget to follow my Store - here.

   Snow - Coming by Dec 1

  Valentine's Day Letter Practice Pages

  St Patrick's Day Letter Practice Pages

  Earth Day - Coming by Apr 1

  Flowers - Coming by Apr 1

  Summer - Coming by May 1

  Camping - Coming by June 1

  Back to School - Coming by Jul 1

 Apple Letter Practice Pages

Halloween Letter Practice Pages

Thanksgiving Letter Practice Pages 

Christmas Letter Practice Pages

Here is one of my favorite versions of the ABC songs by my all time favorite Super Simple Learning

Happy Letter Teaching! 

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