I’ve been asked more than once about a page index for bigger .pdf files. The first time it happened I was about to go and make one when I realized  Acrobat has already got the function. This is the Page Thumbnails window where you see all the pages and their number.
Let’s say you want to print 5 pages from across the document but you don’t know their numbers and don’t want to scroll endlessly up and down.

If the the Page Thumbnails window is not visible, click the arrow (1) (see picture below).

Then move the slider (2) so you can see the pages you want.

Open the print dialogue box and move it to one side so you can insert the page numbers you need printed.

Click the Pages option and in the type in the numbers in the small window with a comma. If you want to print pages 1, 3, 15, 78 – this is exactly what you will type in. (3)

Check what pages exactly will be printed by using the arrows (4)




Hope this is useful!


The Bulletin Board Letters from the example can be found here: Cactus Classroom Decor – as a bundle or as a single resource – Cactus Bulletin Board Letters Printable

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Easier printing of .pdf documents using Page Thumbnails

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