I love organizing! And I love making it beautiful. Unfortunately I cannot have pictures of my classroom but I will share with you my collection of labels. I have to admit I did not use all of them. I started with some and people started asking me “Don’t you have these with bright backgrounds, what about chalkboard, what about without the chalkboard and can I have the same but with chevron? and so it goes 🙂 So I keep on creating them.

You can also take a look at this post about different decor sets I have and ideas to use some of their components.

These were my first editable labels and they are really special for me 🙂Chevron Editable LabelsColorful Chevron Editable Labels – LINK



Then someone asked if I have the same color but polka dot. I know they look the same at first glance 🙂

Polka Dot Editable Labels – LINK



The most precious thing about the next is that you can have them in ANY color. Just print them on color paper.

Editable Labels in Black and WhiteBlack and White Editable Labels – LINK



    These next were another teacher friend’s request but what I LOVE about them is that they can be used in any color combination. If you have a floral decor, you can use the light yellow, green and pink and they will match. If you have nautical decor, you can use the blue shades only. And then for Christmas, use the red and green.

Chevron Editable LabelsChevron Editable Labels – LINK



    The Blues and Reds are inspired by a famous author’s work. I may not be allowed to them them such but they are surely recognizable.

Editable LabelsReds and Blues Editable Labels – LINK



And another literary inspiration:

Editable Labels pink and orange with palm treesChicka Chicka Inspired Editable Labels – LINK



These next are one of my absolute favorite! They feel so bright and happy with their rainbow patterns.

Rainbow Editable LabelsRainbow Editable Labels – LINK



If you have a bee theme classroom or a spring/floral theme, these can be great.

Bees Editable LabelsBees Editable Labels – LINK



These are some cute watercolor owls:

Watercolor Editable LabelsWatercolor Editable Labels with Owls – LINK




Some stylish combination of grey chevron, chalkboard and colorful dots.

Chalkboard Editable LabelsChalkboard Editable Labels – LINK



Another stylish set with glitter, pink and mint.

Pink and Mint Editable LabelsPink and Mint Editable Labels



Yet another stylish set which is also my favorite.

Editable labels with gold glitter and chalkboardChalkboard and Glitter Chalkboard Editable Labels



These may be my absolute favorite and they seem to be liked a lot by other people as well. The combination between chalkboard and the bright neon backgrounds with confetti (which I adore, even more than polka dot for they feel more free-spirited 🙂 ) is so catchy!

Chalkboard Editable LabelsChalkboard and Neon Confetti Editable Labels – LINK



And then, there are the same confetti, neon and buntings but without the chalkboard. They are another request and I have to admit I love to fulfil requests. Any time I can, I do it. Even if it is for an existing resource and someone is asking for something to be added, as long as it is reasonable, and the person is respectful enough, I do it.

Confetti Editable LabelsNeon Editable Labels – LINK




And then these are the recent additions to my editable labels collection. I love these primary colors (I know that green and orange are not primary actually 🙂 )
Editable Labels in Primary Colors

Bright Editable Labels



And some more trendy ones:

Tropical Editable LabelsTropical Editable Labels – LINK



And cactus labels that turned out great with this black and white backgrounds.

Cactus Editable LabelsCactus Editable Labels – LINK



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