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One of the way to remember things is to pay attention to them for longer. These ABC coloring pages are designed so kidsLetter coloring pages that have different patterns. Each letter to color has a pattern of its own and a small beginning sound picture to go with it. I made this video for marketing (obviously) but kids saw it and love it and feel inspired to color the patterns themselves.

F is for fish and fish have scale. Can you see it? 🙂 Some of the letters come with matching patterns. I don’t tell my kids that they do for the only reason that not all of them are so. Yes, learning is a lot about unconscious

Next one is obvious:

And this maybe just for the teacher 🙂

And no idea about this one but it is still fun to color 🙂

You can find them here:

coloring pages
Coloring Letter Pages – Color the pattern

After the kids color several patterns, you may offer them to create some of their own. Here is a FREEBIE that you can use for this purpose. It can be used in a variety of other ways as well – with stickers, tissue paper, phonics pictures or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Letter Coloring Pages – Color the Pattern

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