Math Halloween Activities for Kindergarten

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year for Math. Christmas is tagging along but the monsters’ eyes and spider legs just provide too many Math possibilities to beat. Take a look at some of my favorite resources and ideas (look out for the freebies included).

Counting Monster Eyes

All you need is dice and googly craft eyes and optional playdough. And even if you don’t have any of these, you can still make this work.

The simplest way to do this activity is to ask kids to decide how many eyes their monsters have. They place the eyes count and answer. This is a great activity for ESL students as well. I put mine in pairs and they ask and answer the question.

One of the ways to play: Roll the die, put eyes on the monster and count them. Write down how many they are.

Halloween Addition With Monster Eyes

Color the eyes, roll two dice and raw as many as the dice show. Do the math.

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My go-to Hallowen Math activities

Shapes recognition is something we work on all year on. I believe it is much easier for them to learn them bit by bit, unintentionally, rather than in just the geometry unit. So I add this type of activity to most of my holiday themes. It is so much fun and kids do learn a lot. We typically use the color ones with the Back to School and Halloween theme.
This is an activity that you can do in a sensory bin or as a treasure hunt around the room. Hide the shapes – at least one for a kid – use each shape several times – and kids look for them. Each child has to find one shape so there is for everyone. Then each shows what she has and places it on the correct mat.

Ghost number cards 1-30.
Great for games, small group, RTI.
I typically use them for quick Memory games.

Halloween Counting Activities

At this point, most of my kids are great with number recognition and some of them are counting but most still need practice.

Counting Spiders’ Legs

This is is my kids’ most favorite Halloween Math activity. Well, to be honest, it has spiders, legless, cute spiders and uses playdough so it’s no surprise.

But spiders and playdough is just an awesome combination. This activity has been the greatest hit at Halloween ever since I first come up with it and drew a circle with eyes, told them it’s a spider and it needs legs. Later I made it into a complete activity. So I utilized the same ingredients once again in the following one:

Halloween Playdough Mats

How many spiders? These are very attractive playdough mats.

Halloween Counting Puzzles

Counting Puzzles are always a great idea for a bit more additional practice for they are easy to use, self-explanatory and typically kids are used to them but always like them.

Graphing freebie

This page was originally created for counting and graphing sight words but it can actually be used for any content jut fill in the categories. Then it evolved into several pages + spinners + editable for several quick and easy activities.

Counting Videos for Halloween

Easy Craft Idea

This is not exactly Math but since I never got to finish the other Halloween post but love these and wanted to share, they go here ;). Cute and easy masks from Super Simple Learning. Link here. And while you are oner on their site you may look around for more Halloween resources. They have tons of cool stuff and they are free.


Happy Halloween!

Math Halloween Activities for Kindergarten

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