Teacher’s Well-being

Teaching is a highly demanding job and sometimes, we teachers have the tendency to work to the end of our powers and forget to recharge. I have found my ways to stay on top of the burn and would love to share them. What do you think about them, what are your ways?


Find your way to do it!

  1. DANCE
  2. JOG or WALK
  4. YOGA

Teachers are really busy and everyone who is saying the contrary either doesn’t know a single teacher from very close, has their head in the ground or is just mean. However, there are always 10 minutes that you can use for your body well-being.

These are my favorite tools:

  • One of my playlists for a bit of move around the house after a long day. I also play it when I have house chores to do.

  • I don’t do it but people say it’s awesome šŸ˜‰
  • https://www.fitnessblender.com/Ā  – my absolutely favorite place for getting quick (or if I feel like it – longer) but always effective workout. They have hundreds of free workouts and quite cheap awesome programs. (IĀ  have no affiliation I just really love them šŸ˜‰


I know it can be terrible when you have no time for a bathroom break! It unbelievable inhumane from whatever perspective you may look at it BUT… your health is so important (you know, one body per person, per life thing) that even if you are in a situation like this, you have to find a way around it.

One idea I recently saw somewhere, but can’t remember where, is to have a school buddy that can cover from you when needed. Depending on how your school runs, this may be an assistant, a teacher having a free period, the librarian, you can think of it far better.
I know that this is sometimes impossible and there are really teachers that may have to go several hours without the chance of a bathroom break.

Then, what you can do is compensate throughout the rest of the day. Make sure that your body will get the amount of water it needs the second half of the day.

And remember hydrated = drink water. Not juices, special “hydration” products, etc.Ā  You know you see 5 ways /10 ways / 15 ways to stay hydrated. Well in normal circumstances it is 1 and it is the best, easiest, most widely available and cheapest. Water.


I used to be a coffee addict. Now I have periods that I’m on the verge again. However magical the potion may seem, it is great in small doses. Drinking too much coffee may dehydrate you (though some argue it is a myth and the studies go both ways, my experience says it does). Too much coffee can make you a bit jumpy and this is the one thing you don’t need when you work involves spilled glitter, paper glued to chairs, or someone kick someone else or whatever the equivalents in higher years.

What to do instead. I found out that with me it was far more about the routine of having a mug around, especially when I work. It calms me somehow. So I kept the mug but switched beverages. Cocoa, tea, decaf or just plain water can work.

DO YOUR BEST (that your are capable of at this moment)

Respect yourself, your limits and your reality and try to be in peace with the way you are and things are. There are mornings that I don’t feel like seeing kids at all. There are times I’m tired or frustrated. I’ve tried to delude myself that I can switch moods at will for a very long time and it doesn’t work, of course. But there are things that can help.

Inform the kids that this is not your best day. Can they please be considerate and sympathising if you are not your kindest self.

Minimize your own expectations.


All classrooms are not made equal. The space, the budget, the school policy may not be your dream one but accepting this is what you got and making the best out of it is far better and focusing on what’s missing. After all the main ingredient for learning is a learner and teacher (sometimes optional šŸ˜‰


This is probably the most important. The best way is to get to bed as early as possible and at the same times. It’s not to head into bed straight the moment you get home (though admit it there are days that you need and want it). It means after spedning qiality time with your family, skip the film or mobile game, especially if it is too late. And, according to me, the mobile devices in bed is one of the worst ideas – I just leave it in the living room.

The bottom line is you need to take care of you first, to be able to take care of others. And you can do it in your own individual way, but just do it!

What is your way to take care of yourself?

Teacher’s Well-being

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