Writing Prompts ‘It’s just my imagination’

I love coming up with new and exciting ways for my kids to learn and practice important skills.

What thing a lot of them struggle especially at the beginning of the year is writing. It is hard for them to write sentences, hard to write about new topics.

The activity below was inspired by a kid who always wanted to write ‘something else’. When we had a topic or a choice of prompts, however wide the choice, he was always, “But can I write about … (insert something that is not the topic ;).

So this one is for him and everyone that wants fun writing about whatever’s on their mind.

A book for inspiration

There is an awesome book that you can use as a warm up activity. It also has this awesome video on youtube.

I have seen such creative ideas but the one below is my favorite!

Then every time we do this activity I remember this song from my teen years. So now I play it for my kids. And we discuss imagination. What ‘just my imagination’ mean. How imagination is crucial in life.


Writing Prompts ‘It’s just my imagination’

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